April 27, 2012

This Summer…

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For most of my twelve-year-old existence, “summer” is just another word for “liberty to laze around.” My summers are mostly spent reading, writing, eating, sleeping late, and generally doing nothing in particular,  while other kids are doing chores, attending summer classes, or going to cool places. Maybe it’s because I’m the sedentary type, which is unusual for a kid my age since many associate twelve-year-olds with the get-up-and-go ethos, or I’m too lazy to look for stuff to do, but it’s a stubborn fact and I’m so used to it I make only halfhearted efforts to change it.

However, this summer has, so far, been different, for I’ve done more than usual and new stuff’s happened to me, like:

  • getting it (Girls, you know what this is)
  • learning to play poker (I’m still horrible at it, though)
  • finishing four of my short stories (which to me is amazing, since I usually don’t finish any of my stories) plus three more in the works. 

But one of the best things I’ve experienced was accompanying my mother to the debate training/workshop she was presiding over at Naga City Science High School. While so far we’ve only gone through five days, I feel like we’ve gone through a lot already. It was fun watching the students (sophomores to seniors) get into heated debates and listening to their occasional wisecracks and funny asides (more on that later.) Some of them say “hi” and “bye” to us when they see us walking by, and somebody even asked me if I had a Facebook account so she could add me as a friend. One girl, Patricia*, had a conversation with me when we were adjudicating a mock debate, and we discovered we had a number of stuff in common (we both went to USI, had Ma’am Divine and Ma’am Mitch as HeKaSi and Math teachers respectively, and participated in the press conference.) We hit along pretty well (at least that’s how I see it). Hopefully I’ll be able to talk to her again next week.

Are you still okay? In the next post, as I said, I’ll post more about the debate workshop, with a sub-post about one of the people there.  Now, goodbye!

* Name/s changed to protect privacy.


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