May 15, 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful (A Little Reflection on Life)

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In memory of my grandmother, Ester Salvador Ceas, 1928-2012.

Life is short. I know that myself; we just attended my maternal grandmother’s wake. But this doesn’t mean we should sit down and give up our lofty ambitions, beautiful dreams, high hopes, assets, etc. because we’ll die anyway. Especially in the case of assets, and specifically monetary ones, because, as they say, you can’t take your riches into heaven. It’s hard to argue with that, right?


That very fact that we can’t take the things we love to “the other side” is precisely why we should enjoy our lives more. Life’s too short to mope and rant. So while you have things as nice as a delicious dinner, money, or even just the thrill of seeing a cute guy on the street, savor the moment! You may never experience the thing again.

Let me give you this excerpt from Jacqueline Wilson’s book Vicky Angelfrom the scene where Jade reads one of Vicky’s English essays (entitled Reasons to be Cheerful) at her funeral (Note: some of the words may be different from the original version)

“Life is fun, one great big roller coaster swoop, right? It’s fun to have a laugh with your best friend, it’s fun to go out with a boy, it’s fun to turn up your music and sing really, really loud to wind people up, it’s fun to shop for new clothes with your mom, it’s fun to sit on the arm of your dad’s chair and wind him round your little finger, it’s fun to make a funny face in front of the mirror and poke your tongue out…

“More reasons to be cheerful. Life is beautiful. Not just all the nature stuff, the blue skies and blossoms and little bunny rabbits. Town things can be beautiful too. I think Lakelands Shopping Center is seriously beautiful! The big houses up the hill are beautiful. London is beautiful, New York is even more beautiful and I can’t wait to go there. Travel is definitely beautiful. Holidays too.

“And one last to be cheerful…Life is short. You don’t know if you’re going to live to see tomorrow. Don’t waste your time moping. Enjoy yourself!”

Although the book is fiction, Vicky’s essay definitely has a point. There are lots of nice things in life that you should definitely savor while you’re still around on earth.  So don’t waste your time.

Even the not-so-nice things in life have a positive side. To demonstrate this, I’ll give you this little list:

If it’s unbearably hot, think that there wouldn’t be too large a chance of a storm anytime soon;

If it’s raining buckets, think that it wouldn’t be very likely that there’ll be a drought on the horizon;

If you’re annoyed with your siblings, think that they make the house feel less empty (and you’ll have somebody to point your finger at if there’s an accident or something);

If you’re an only child, think that there won’t be too many people to share your cellphone, laptop, Playstation, or anything else with (if you’re a privacy freak);

If you live in a tropical country, think that it’s less likely that you’ll experience ice storms or tornadoes;

If you live in a temperate or polar country, think that once you get used to it,  everything will seem normal;

If you are poor, think that you are less likely to be robbed or have your children kidnapped for ransom;

If you are stuck in a traffic jam, think that you have a genuine excuse for being late for work or school;

If you are ugly, think that you are less likely to be raped (if you’re a girl);

If you are short, think that you can easily hide if somebody’s trying to attack you;

If you are obese, think that if you are shot, the bullet just might be caught in your rolls of fat and leave no harm (not to mention that you are less likely to drown);

If you fail several quizzes in a row, not too many people will accuse you of cheating;

If your peers call you a nerd, think that someday, some of those people might be working for you (remember the Bill Gates quote?)

The list goes on and on and on and on and on.

Anyways, you get the picture. If you expand your horizons a bit, you find that there is a bright side to almost every seemingly bad situation. With this evidence in hand, we have proven that it is stupid, useless, and senseless to feel bad either about life’s little hassles or terrible tragedies. 

Sure, there’ll be people itching to rebut my statement, but this is MY opinion.  In the meantime, I’ll be off. See you next time!


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