May 20, 2012

Here We Go Again: Debate Workshop, Batch 2

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I’m back! I hope my temporary hiatus gave you a rest from the steady diet of debate, debate, debate I’ve been feeding you over the past few days.  Hopefully this was enough, for here’s another long, and I mean LONG post (though not long at all compared to the previous two about Batch 1) about that very topic (be ready.)

As the title says, we’re already on Batch 2 of the debate training at City Science. (Sorry if I keep using the words “workshop” and “training” interchangeably. I’m just used to it.) There’s a whole new group of people, many of whom I don’t even know slightly, and with different vibes. The morning group of Batch 1 is different from the morning group of Batch 2, the afternoon group of Batch 1 is different from the afternoon group of Batch 2, and the morning and afternoon groups of Batch 2 are different from each other. It’s like we’re seeing four different batches instead of just two.

One difference I immediately noticed was the lack of preference for only one door. While the Batch 1 people preferred one door to the other (especially the afternoon group) both the morning and afternoon groups of Batch 2 held both doors open. Also, they were usually more dressed-up. Few would show up in class wearing flip-flops and ordinary (not denim) shorts and those that did were mostly Batch 1 people sitting in. (I’ll get back to that later.) But one thing they had in common was the enthusiasm for the class (although the Batch 2 people, seemed more shy than the Batch 1. No offense, please!)

Recent Events

Drew apparently had gotten into hot water with the Batch 2 people when something he posted on Facebook pissed them off. It went something like this, “We came here to assist them, not to pawn them” referring to their plan to sit in with the Batch 2. The others were like, “US, be PAWNED?” And so a minor squabble, which thank goodness is over, resulted. Lesson: be careful what you say, for it can be used against you.

Although on Monday and Tuesday last week quite a number of Batch 1 people sat in, come Wednesday no one sat in during the morning and in the afternoon, there was just Drew. Mama’s idea seems to be working. The Batch 2 people are getting more enthusiastic and they’re not as shy anymore. Looks like their older peers’ “fire” is rubbing off on them. (And USI may face another school to fight with when the next debate tournament rolls around.)

We weren’t able to continue the training as planned because my maternal grandmother died and we had to attend the wakes and funeral, so I don’t have much to say about the Batch 2. 😦

Funny Moments, Quotable Quotes

One time my mother brought some short selections to be read aloud by the class as a warm-up exercise. Few dared to come forward (and for once Mama’s trying to convince them by counting down didn’t work) so it was really noticeable (glaring?) that one particular student came up to the front 3 times to read 3 different selections (especially that some didn’t even get to read one.)

Mama: If you were given the topic, “THBT: Alcohol and tobacco are not a healthy mix”, how would you define “alcohol” and “tobacco?”

Brian*: I would define “tobacco” as a stimulant that is chewed or smoked…

Mama: And what about “alcohol”?

Brian: “Alcohol” would mean rubbing alcohol. Not a healthy mix!

The class was divided into 3 groups and we were having a debate about which kind of sugar is the best (white or “refined”, brown, or washed.) When one person from the “washed” team was talking about the differences in color between the two extremes and that they were the best of both worlds because they were neither too white or too brown (or something like that). Then someone yelled, “That is racism! Color coding!”

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