August 26, 2014

Why I Love IDC

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Ate Leanne…you just said everything I’ve always believed. Go IDC!


You must be asking yourself: Why?

Why does IDC keep on competing when they never really bag all the awards or get the highest possible achievement? Why does IDC keep on training, from class dismissal until the sun is finally out of sight, just to join a yearly competition and get their hearts broken in the end?

You must think of them as crazy and impractical. They aren’t entirely subsidized by the school. There aren’t tarpaulins created for them, even after several, excruciating rounds of debate. They are close to fainting, close to tears, close to hysteria every time they are about to fight. They hold their pens tighter with each sweat that accumulates in their hands, grasp their ideas even closer with each anxious heartbeat, swallow the huge lumps on their throats with each impending battle. Yet, after all these torturous moments of anxiety, they go home with nothing…

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